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4 or 1 Bedroom Apartments

2 Bedroom Apartments

3 or 4 Bedroom Apartments

3 or 4 Bedroom Apartments

Commercial Properties

Welcome to Meredith’s Properties

Leasing from Meredith’s

Call our office to schedule an apartment tour – we’re happy to walk you through the exact apartment that you will be leasing. Our goal is for you to be happy and comfortable during your tenancy with us. The care with which we select our tenants carries over to the care with which we lease our units.

Meredith’s Properties apartments are 100% Parent Approved! All of our student tenants are asked to provide a guarantor for their lease; this provides an added level of protection for our multi-tenant units. We love discussing leases and the leasing process with parents and guardians and are happy to schedule additional apartment tours for the extended family members of our tenants.

College Housing

The properties we own and manage are all conveniently located within walking distance of Illinois State University’s campus. Don’t want to walk? We provide bike racks at each building and private parking lots for tenant vehicles.

We offer a variety of apartment configurations and layouts. Whether you want to live alone or with three of your closest friends, we have an apartment that’s a perfect fit for you! There are spacious one bedroom units, enormous two bedroom apartments, unique three bedroom units and four bedroom apartment townhomes. All floor plans offer the space you need.

What’s included in your rent? High speed internet and water is included at every location. Some units offer tenants the convenience of having all utilities rolled into the rent payment. Other apartments allow tenants the ability to monitor and regulate their energy consumption.

Tenant Relations

Want to rent from a company that knows you by name? The staff at Meredith’s Properties takes the time to get to know our tenants. The person who leases you the apartment is the same person who will take your calls after you move-in. We are only a phone call or text message away and are happy to answer questions and discuss concerns during the leasing and relocation process.


We offer 24-hour phone service; calls are answered by a member of our team, not a call center operator. Got a problem? We’ll get on it!

About Us

Meredith’s Properties has been investing in real estate since 1978. We are an owner-managed company that also operates an inventory of assets for a select group of investors. Pride in ownership follows through to the quality of our construction and the class of our investments. Each of our projects was built or remodeled directly by Meredith’s Properties. We are personally involved in the design, construction and leasing which allows for unparalleled service for our tenants and our clients.

Contact us for up-to-date leasing information. Ask for Meredith!